What to Look for When Buying a New Office Chair?

Selecting the right office chair will allow you to work for an extra hour a day. A good office chair is the one which can provide you all comfort and which does not affect your health adversely. In providing maximum comfort to the sitter, the ergonomic office chair is very popular.

The selection of an office chair could vary from one person to another. Some people prefer a compact office chair, while some people prefer a stylish office chair. Choosing the right chair from different options available is very crucial because you are spending most of your time working on the chair.

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To help you understand the pros and cons of an office chair, here we have discussed different features you should look for when buying a new office chair:

1. Adjustability

The first important feature you need to look for in an office chair is to check whether it has proper adjustability feature or not. The adjustability could be for armrests, backrests, or for height. Almost all the office chairs available in the market are somewhat adjustable. But, in modern office chairs, we may find fourteen different adjusting ways.

Hence, you must not compromise with this feature. If you are a person who armrests more, then you must select a chair which has proper armrest adjustability. 

2. Type of Chair Fabric

Choosing a chair from different fabrics available is also a very important task. Generally, it comes with three main options: mesh chairs, fabric chairs, and leather chairs. If you will select a mesh chair, it will be breathable, supportive and durable.

If you will select a fabric chair, it will have colorful options, soft to touch and it generally covers foam. And, if you will select a leather chair, it will be soft in touching, durable and smell good. Hence, you have to choose the right type of chair’s fabric according to your requirements and comfort.

3. Lumbar Support

The selection of an office chair with improper lumbar support can cause you serious back pain. There are many kinds of office chairs in the market that does not include any lumbar support height adjustment feature.

However, make sure you purchase the office chair which has lumbar support height adjusting feature in it. With sufficient lumbar support in your office chair, you can relieve the back pain you feel during work.

4. Rolling Chair or Stationary Chair

Deciding between a rolling chair and stationary chair for the office is based on your requirement and your budget as well. However, mostly, rolling chair is the right choice when it comes to chair for work. Through the rolling chair, you can move around to take files or for any other work easily.

Hence, if you will invest a bit more and purchase a wheel-base rolling chair, you will be able to work with comfort, while it will not be possible on a stationary chair.

5. Tilting

There is a tilting feature in almost all kind of office chair; however, it works differently from one chair to another. Tilting or reclining in an office chair is mainly of three types: pivot, even back, and straight recline.

You have to decide the best type of chair which has tilting feature as per your requirement and comfort. You also need to consider about tilt limiting and tilt tension.

6. Swivel Base

You have decided to buy a rolling chair for your office, but you also need to decide between casters and glides. If you want your chair to be revolving but do not have wheels in it, then you can go with an office chair that has glides at the base.

While, if you want your chair to be rolling and moving around, then the office chair with plastic wheels at the base is the right choice for you. Carpet casters are the wheels that are perfect for carpets. You can select carpet casters base if you have a carpet at your office’s floor.

7. Perfect Fit

The ideal office chair is the one which becomes perfect while sitting on it. Before you make your final purchase, make sure to test it out in the store and check out whether there is any gap or discomfort when sitting on it or not.

And, if you will be purchasing the office chair from an online store, then make sure it has a return policy with it. However, almost all e-commerce stores are providing a return facility. So, make sure the chair you are planning to purchase is comfortable for you.

Office Chair Adjustment Tips

The proper adjustments in your office chair can provide you comfort and pleasure in working for an extra mile. Basically, you have to consider five points to get a good fit & adjustable office chair:

1. Proper Seat Height

Pick up the chair which has a proper seat height adjustment option available. Make sure when you seat in the chair, your feet rest on the floor.

2. Right Seat Depth

Make sure your office chair has enough depth and width to support. It must be deep enough so that you can sit with your back against the backrest.

3. Adjustable Backrest

Having an adjustable backrest option is very important. To keep an ideal backrest adjustment, you can test out different settings and keep it with the one which you like the most.

4. Adjustable Armrests

Different chairs have different armrests adjustment settings. There are also some kinds of chairs in the market in which you can remove armrests. Keep armrest adjustment settings that your elbow must be supported.

5. Head Rest

Many people look for this feature in an office chair. In the headrest, make sure it touches the base of your head comfortably.

Final Thoughts

Therefore, selection of the right office chair is a very crucial thing. Improper selection of the chair would keep you uncomfortable and that will be a big hurdle to your work. 

To get a chair with all the required features and benefits, you must consider all the features mentioned in this detailed guide. Hence, you can choose a stylish office chair by referring to this guide.