What to Check Before Buying Your Next Electric Kettle?

It’s morning, you’re partially doodling towards your morning dose of caffeine. You turn on the electric kettle, boil water to your preference, and you’re ready for the day. Isn’t it amazing how something as simple as an electric kettle could make your life perfect? However, as simple as it may seem, you need to choose a kettle that suits your requirements, has the right features, and above all, comes with some built-in safety features. We decided to chalk out the exact features you must look for when buying a multipurpose electric kettle.

What makes electric kettle perfect for your kitchen

  • Efficiency: Electric kettles are known for their efficiency and ease of use. Research proves that electric kettles are more energy efficient than their stovetop counterparts. Furthermore, they are easy to use and have limited chances of spillage or burns.
  • Time savers: Unlike stovetop kettles, electric kettles boil water quickly. We all know how crucial saving time is, especially when getting ready for office in the morning.
  • Safe: Electric kettles excel in safety features. They eliminate any chances of heat burns, electric shocks, spillage burns, and most of the kettles come with auto shutoff feature.
  • Precision boiling: Some beverages, such as that special salmon tea or honey-ginger green tea, require precision boiling to maintain their taste. Modern electric kettles allow you to adjust temperatures, making the perfect cup of tea.

How to choose an electric kettle with the right features?

Do you need a multipurpose electric kettle? Do you prefer particular types of teas that require precision boiling? How many cups do you make at a time? All of these questions form the basis of setting apart the best brands for electric kettle that suit your requirements. Let’s find out some critical features that every electric kettle must have.

  • Water gauge: Do you have a large family that loves tea? Being able to boil the right amount of water is critical, as it has a direct impact on electricity consumption and water wastage. Choose an electric kettle that comes with a water gauge, with its minimum reading set for one cup of tea or coffee, between 250 ml and 300 ml.
  • Power rating: Power rating is another critical aspect of an electric kettle, as it is directly related to the time kettle takes to do its job. Most of the kettles come with standard 1500 watts power supply. However, do understand that high wattage could mean higher noise, which could be irritating, especially if you’re averse to the sound of boiling water. Look out for a quiet kettle instead. Additionally, kettles with instant boil feature consume more energy when compared with an ordinary kettle.
  • Auto cut-off: Auto cut-off feature is one of the best benefits of an electric kettle. You don’t have to sit around, waiting for the water to boil. Furthermore, it prevents the chances of your kettle boiling dry.
  • Insulated upper layer: Just like their stovetop counterparts, electric kettles might cause heat burns. Some materials, such as plastic or glass kettles, work better when it comes to avoiding burns from the kettle body. You can look into dual-layer electric kettles that are cooler to touch.
  • Cord storage: It could be annoying to have the cord hanging out when the kettle is not in use. Choose electric kettles that come with cord storage. For ease of use, you can opt for cordless kettles, as its easier to pour their contents. Some of the best brands for electric kettle offer swivel base for smoother operations.
  • Wide spout: Opening the lid every time you rush in to make a cup of tea could be daunting, especially if you are habitual of drinking tea throughout the day. Instead, choose an electric kettle that comes with a wide spout. It allows you to pour water without opening the lid and limits chances of spillage.
  • Capacity: The capacity of electric kettle is another essential element to look out for. If you often serve tea to guests, choose a kettle with a larger size, 1.5 or 1.7 liters. On the contrary, a one-liter kettle is perfect for an individual or a couple.
  • Water filter: If you receive hard-water supply in your area, choosing a kettle with a filter is a must. Water filters could help prevent particles from going into your drink. If the water supply in your area is contaminated with chemicals, having a water filter is essential.

Additional features in electric kettles

If you are looking for some extra features in your electric kettle, here are some qualities to choose from.

  • Programmable temperature controls: Some beverages require specific boiling temperatures, so having programmable temperature controls will allow you to bring out the best flavor in your tea. In fact, there are some smart electric kettles that you can control with your smartphone, giving the highest possible precision levels.
  • KeepWarm feature: More often than not, a phone call or a knock at the door could cool down the water in the kettle, requiring an extra boil. The good news is that you can find electric kettles with KeepWarm feature. In fact, some electric kettles can maintain the selected temperature of their contents for up to 30 minutes.
  • Whistle or bell: While electric kettles are simple kitchen appliances, manufacturers are adding more features every day. If you want to know when your water is boiled, choose an electric kettle with a whistle or bell. You won’t have to wait around or check multiple times, especially when you’re working.
  • Style (obviously): Last but not least, style is a critical element for people who are attentive to aesthetics. Since you are likely to use your electric kettle multiple times throughout the day, it will be kept on your kitchen shelf only. Choosing a stylish electric kettle will serve the purpose.


When choosing an electric kettle, always consider your requirements first and choose features accordingly. Do understand that expensive is not always better, as you may not require most of the features available in these kettles. Additionally, do not go overboard on features and spend an unreasonable amount of money on the kettle. It’s made for boiling water, so be smart about choosing an electric kettle.