Ultimate Dashboard Camera Buying Guide

Dashboard camera, car camera, car cams, dash cams, or vehicle video all are the same. There could be a number of reasons why you should install a dash cam in your car. As technology changed everything, it also replaced older dashboard cameras with new features. There is a new kind of camera type called discreet dash camera, it keeps the camera well hidden. 

Today, using 4K dash cam and wireless dash cam is very common. The features in a dash cam will vary from one product to another; hence, one must consider his/her needs before buying it. The selected dashboard camera must be providing all the features that you wanted.

So, here we have explained some features you need to consider before buying a dashboard camera. This detailed guide will help you to select the right camera for your car:

1. Single or Dual Channel

The important thing you have to decide about is whether you want your dash cam to be only recording forward or you want it to record front and rear both. Generally, commercial vehicles or trucks don’t have rear cameras while, if you are a taxi driver, then it is better to go with a dual camera.

If your requirement is for dual channel and you will be buying a dashboard camera with a single channel, then you have to buy another camera. Hence, before you buy a car camera, make sure you are clear about this.

2. Video Resolution

Another important aspect needs to be considered before buying a dashboard camera for a car is the video resolution of the camera. If you want your recording videos to be of high quality, then you need to select a camera with high video resolution. And, if low quality will be ok for you, then you can select a camera with low video resolution.

However, basic car cams models can record at 720p resolution. The new high-end 4K dash cam comes with very high resolution. It means the camera will record with Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

3. Auto ON/OFF

This feature allows your car camera to work automatically when you start your car. Due to this feature, you don’t have to worry and remember whether you have turned ON camera or not. Future is uncertain and things can happen just in the matter of seconds. Hence, this feature starts recording automatically when you start your car.

4. Discreetness

Generally, people prefer a small and hidable car camera which would not be noticed by anyone. A small car camera also changes the view inside the car. Also, small dash cams are less noticeable in the case of theft.

5. Motion Detection Feature

Motion detection feature in the car cam generally will come into use when your car is parked. When your car is parked somewhere, and if there is any movement around your vehicle, the motion detection feature will detect it and it will start recording.

6. Parking Mode

You can also purchase a car camera with the parking mode feature. In this feature, if something happens to your car, or any nearby shop when you are parked, the parking mode will switch on automatically and start recording. This feature becomes very helpful in hit & run incidents or when someone trying to vandalize your car.

7. GPS

The GPS feature in your car camera will record your location and speed. The car location and its speed show up when you playback the recorded video. Based on your requirement, you need to decide whether you will need this feature and select the camera with this feature or not.

8. Date and Time Stamp

The date and time stamp in the recorded video footage is very important; it works as evidence in many cases. One thing to keep in mind here is that you have to set the correct date and time in your camera at the time of the first install.

Why You Should Install A Dashboard Camera?

As we have seen, there are numbers of features and factors you need to take into consideration before buying a dash cam for your car. Every car camera has different features, the features of one camera that works for one person, might not work for another. 

Hence, these factors will help you to select the right dash cam for your car. Also, you need to know why you should install a dashboard camera in your car:

1. Evidence for your car accident

As we know, the future is uncertain and there are chances of facing unexpected situations as well. In situations like a car accident, a dash camera works as evidence for it. And, this is the main reasons why drivers prefer to install a dash cam in their cars.

2. Helpful for driving instructors

Most of the modern cars have GPS and through the camera, the driving instructor can know the live status of the car driver.

3. Get amazing features and functions

New dashboard cameras come with many amazing features and functions such as GPS, parking mode feature, camera auto on/off, motion detection, LCD screen, and many other features. These features keep your car protected and secure from accidents and frauds as well.

4. Record road trip

If you are an adventurous person and want to record road trip, then the dashboard camera will be the best. Dash cams are not only helpful in safety, but they can also be used as recording vacation trips and road trips.

Final Thoughts

Selection of the dashboard camera would be totally based on your car and your requirements. You can select it according to your requirements by considering its features such as video resolution, discreetness, auto mode, parking mode, GPS feature, motion detection feature, etc.

Investment in a dash cam is worth the pay because it avails with many amazing features and benefits. It can save you from frauds and works as evidence for some incidents. You can choose an ideal car cam which meets your requirements after studying this detailed guide.