The Best Office Toys & Gadgets to Make Work Fun

Let’s face it, your desk needs a pick-me-up. Why not invest just a little money in making your workspace more fun? These items are must-haves for your office:

1) Beautiful Bamboo Charging Station

Fast USB Charging Station for Multiple Devices of Universal Cell Phones Tablets

Do you have multiple phones and pads clogging up your workspace? This charging station is one of the cleverest office gadgets out there. As the name says, the base is made from bamboo, not wood. It can hold up to five devices, and the charging station is compatible with most models. It even includes an AC 100-240V power supply, making it internationally compatible. That, and you can have fun playing around with the dividers to design it the way you want. At around $43, it’s a great deal – just be sure to order the version with cables.

2) Cool Dinosaur Phone Holder

If you just have one phone or tablet, and you don’t need a charging station, this cute little dinosaur is just the right thing for you. As far as cool desk accessories go, they pack a lot of personality (and a variety of bright colors) for your desk. They are made from silica gel, so if your device vibrates, it will do so quietly. No more annoying buzzing, and no more searching for your phone! At around $9, these dinosaurs are a great deal.

3) Sheepi – The Cutest Magnetic Paper Clip Holder

If you want fun office supplies at work to lighten the mood, you need this little guy. It’s a magnetic paperclip holder in the shape of a little black sheep. Basically, when you add the white paperclips that are included (or other metal items including tacks), you give it a nice fleece to wear. This adorable sheep is around $17, which isn’t bad for a pet you can keep at the office.

4) Infinity Cube Fidget Toy

Are you feeling stressed out at work and you need an inconspicuous distraction? You need this fidget cube! It’s small, fits in your hand, and doesn’t look like a kid’s toy. Besides, even adults need to fidget once in a while. Office toys come and go, but this one will remain a favorite. For one thing, it’s quiet and durable, and it even has a one-year warranty and costs around $10. It’s just the thing you need when stress and pressure make you feel restless, and best of all, it doesn’t break the bank.

5) The Best Metal Brain Teaser Puzzle

Do you want an edge over the competition at work? This series of brain teaser puzzles is for you! This particular puzzle is level 6, which is considered very difficult, so if you want a real challenge, this is perfect. If it is too challenging, the same maker offers lower level puzzles. The prices run from around $9 to $12, so you could give several of them a try. These desk toys are the best option for developing focus and strategy. 

6) Fun & Stylish Magnetic Block Set

If you need a little creative inspiration or just a little fun while at your desk, give this magnetic block set a try. It doesn’t take up much desk space, and it comes in a variety of color choices. Take a moment to click together a dinosaur or a rocket ship, and before you know it, there will be a smile on your face. Perhaps even a little less stress! This set is around $35, and while it is largely marketed to children, plenty of adults enjoy it too. Why should kids have all the fun? Desk toys are for adults, after all.

7) Stress Buster Desktop Punching Ball

Okay, sometimes it’s good to just let off a little steam, right? This has got to be one of the best desk toys out there! Just stick it down on any smooth surface (and be sure to add just a tiny bit of water to the base of the gadget before pressing it down). The punching ball is on a spring, so each time you hit, it bounces back to you. While it may not stand up to a professional boxer, this little gem is a real stress fighter. It’s definitely worth the price at around $30. After all, who doesn’t want to let off a little steam now and then?