Read This Before You Buy a Used Outboard Motor

Before the invention of engines, the power of small boats was oars or sails. And, due to this, it was taking too much time to reach anywhere. Thanks to the invention of outboard motors, that has changed everything. Otherwise, still, we have been using oars or sails for its power. 

An outboard motor is an investment for your boat. The better motor you will select, the more efficiently it will work. And, if you are planning to buy a used motor, then you have to give more importance to it. 

Are you planning to buy a used outboard motor, or exploring used outboard motors for sale? If yes, then this post is for you. Here, in this guide, you will learn how to choose the right outboard engine from the different outboard engines available.

What you need to know?

Buying a used outboard motor could be a very complex task. Finding a used outboard motor at a cheap price is possible, but finding a cheap and used outboard which does not require any service is a bit difficult.

You have to buy the cheap one which does not require any service and works efficiently. This might sound difficult, but you have to do it. And, to make this possible, you have to check out so many used outboard motors, their conditions, their efficiency, their strokes, etc. Here, is the complete guide to how you should select the best second-hand outboard motor.

Factors to Consider

To make an ideal decision for buying a used outboard motor, you have to consider many significant factors. Here are different factors you should consider:

1. Pricing

When you go to buy a used outboard motor, you will find variety in price range, depending upon the engine and its efficiency. To make an ideal decision, you should select the one which meets your requirements and which is available within your budget. 

You should know are you getting enough features and efficiency in the used outboard engine or not, depending on the price you are paying. The price of a used outboard motor is highly affected by factors such as its age, hours, last servicing, trim & tilt, warranty, and other features. 

Many times, people don’t look out these factors and pay a high price for the mediocre outboard engine. That’s the reason why you consider buying guides. Not just look for the cheapest, also know their features.

2. Shafts

The essential thing you need to consider is that you have to know which shaft you want. It could be a short shaft, long shaft or extra long shaft. Extra-long shafts are the big motors measuring 25 or 30 inches on the boat’s transom. If you don’t have any idea about the size then, just measure your boat’s transom. You can measure whether you want a short shaft or long shaft from the bottom of the transom mount.

3. Brand

When it comes to the brand of the outboard motors, there are several top brands here. If you have already used a specific outboard motor brand earlier, and you liked that, then you can go with that brand while buying a second-hand motor. Some of the top brands are Mercury, Johnson Evinrude, Yamaha, Chrysler, Sears Gamefisher, Honda, and Suzuki.

4. Assess the condition

Don’t buy a second-hand outboard engine without checking out its quality and condition. Even if you have got a great deal, it is always advisable to assess the condition. Start it by having a look at the exterior part of the outboard motor. Make sure that the cowl is not damaged and its not cracked from any part.

Also, make sure that the outboard motor does not have any oil leakage, corrosion, or barnacles. At the time of checking propeller, make sure they are not chipped up. While checking from the inside, make sure there is no corrosion and oil leakage.

5. From where to buy?

Are you the one of those who wants to buy a used outboard motor, but exactly don’t know from where to buy? Among the different modes of buying second-hand motors available like through Craigslist, through dealers, or through any other online platform, buying through a dealer is highly advisable.

The reason for buying from a dealer is a good option is that it will provide you a warranty.  The warranty could be of 3 to 6 months. Apart from buying through a dealer, buying directly from a boat owner is also a good option. 

6. Strokes

Now, you have to decide what stroke motor you want? You have two options here, whether you want to go with two strokes or four strokes. Two-stroke motors are less expensive, while four-stroke motors are bit pricy. If you want quick acceleration on the water, then the two-stroke motor is for you.

However, the main disadvantage of the two-stroke motor is that they have a shorter life span as compared to four-stroke motors. In addition to this, two-stroke engines have less fuel efficiency. Hence, you get fewer miles per gallon and higher emissions in two-stroke engines as compared to four-stroke engines.

7. Extra Features

Going with the cheapest is not good always. Sometimes, you should understand the features you will be getting with the engine and pay the price accordingly. But, if there will no use of extra features you will be getting with it, then there is no need to pay more. Instead, you should find the one which is ideal for you and within your budget.

Extra features of outboard motors may include engine controller & cables, oil for 2 strokes for mixing or 4 stroke engine oil, rev counter, impeller, filters, gearbox, and other gauges.

Final Thoughts

At last, what you need to consider is to make an ideal buying decision based on your usage and requirement. To get hassle-free experience after purchasing, select the used outboard motor after considering all the above-mentioned factors.

Among all these factors, assessing or testing out the condition of the engine is an important one. It includes different tests like self-evaluation, visual inspection, test run, and compression test.