Pontoon Boat Buyer Guide

Are you planning to buy a pontoon boat? YES? Then, this guide is for you. Pontoon boats are for pleasure boating and fishing. Here, you have two options: either buy a new pontoon boat or select from theĀ used pontoon boats. You can pick up the best one fromĀ pontoon boats for sale. Generally, pontoon boats are suitable for lakes, ponds, rivers, and seas. Comparing pontoon with other types of boats, pontoon boats are perfect for family/kids, and fishing. They are easy to use & maintain, safe, and comfortable.

Buying a pontoon boat can be very exciting and confusing as well. It becomes confusing because you don’t know what things to consider before buying it. Don’t worry, in this detailed guide, we will discuss different factors you need to consider before buying a pontoon boat:

1. Size and capacity

The first and important thing need to be considered before buying a pontoon boat is its size and capacity. This decision needs to be undertaken only after considering other factors that will affect when you will change the size of the boat. Pontoon boats come with a wide range of sizes and variations.

Even if you have a big budget, you should not directly go with a large-sized pontoon boat. Instead, you need to take into account other factors that will affect due to change in the boat size. Some of the factors are the amount of money you can spend on its fuel, dock & storage, repairs & maintenance, boat insurance, accessories, etc. The larger your pontoon boat will be, the higher your expenses will be.

2. New or Used

Another crucial factor is whether to buy a new pontoon boat or a used one. Whether you will buy a new or a used pontoon boat, both have their own significance. If you are tight on the budget, then used one will be better for you. But, generally, used boats will lead to higher maintenance costs.

Talking about the new one, it is better if you are not worried about the budget and you can manage to spend a bit more amount. The benefit of buying a new pontoon boat is that you will buy it from an authorized dealer, and it also comes with warranties. Another great benefit is that new boats require less maintenance. But, buying a new pontoon boat would cost you a lot more than the used one.

3. Price

The pricing of the pontoon boat varies from its model to model. It depends upon your budget and the features you are looking for. Some of the pontoon boat types are top of the line pontoon boats, high-end pontoon boats, mid-range pontoon boats, and used pontoon boats. Each of them has a different pricing structure and features.

The price range of pontoon boats could vary from $14,000 to $65,000 or more. But, here we are talking about average pontoon boat pricing, which can be used by families and fisherman. The average price of a small pontoon boat is around $14,000, the average price of a medium-sized pontoon boat is around $22,000 and the average price of a large-sized pontoon boat is around $47,000. 

4. Choose your brand

Whether you want to buy a new or a used pontoon boat, you must have a model in your mind which you want to buy. When it comes to the brand of a pontoon boat, you have many options available. Some of the popular brands for pontoon boats are Aqua, Cypress, Premier, Harris, Manitou, Sylvan, and Sweetwater.

You will find a bit of variation in brands to brands. Hence, make sure you select the one which is the most appealing to you.

5. Choosing the right engine

If you are going to buy the pontoon boat for the first time, then this factor is very crucial. Your boat engine’s proper selection and installation are more significant in pontoons as compared to traditional boats. For your pontoon boat, you are more likely to be purchasing an outboard engine.

When you go for buying an outboard motor engine, you can buy either two-stroke outboard engine or four-stroke outboard engine.

6. The Usage

Your usage also has a big impact on your pontoon boat buying selection. Hence, it is essential to choose the pontoon boat which meets your requirements and usage. You might be planning to use it for crushing, occasional tubing, water skiing, party barge, fishing, family enjoyment, etc. Also, consider how large your group will be and how much space you will need.

7. Accessories and Extras

Whenever you will buy a new pontoon boat, your dealer would try to add more and more accessories, extras and features. But, before you add those accessories or extras, know whether they are useful to you or not. Adding more features to your boat would make him more money.

You have to consider your budget, and based on that, add other accessories or extras. If you think that a feature would not be essential for you right now, then you can add that feature in future when it is required. 

Some of the features or accessories you dealer might offer you at the time of pontoon boat purchasing are: vinyl or carpet, trolling motors, sound system,  fishing Livewell, fishing rod storage, boat covers, fenders & bumpers, etc. Even if you find any accessory useful, it is advisable to add that by yourself, to save little money. 

8. Pontoon Boat Insurance

Your pontoon boat’s insurance is based on so many factors. It includes your age, when you have kept your boat, the value of the boat, your record and how the boat is used. The boat insurance could cost from $8 to $35 per month, depending on the type of insurance and other mentioned factors. Normally, the basic insurance would cost $8 per month and comprehensive insurance would cost $29 per month.

Final Thoughts

Each of the factors mentioned here would affect your cost and buying decision. Choosing the right pontoon boat is about, knowing your usage of the boat, choosing the right engine, size & capacity, requirement of additional features & accessories and the selection of brand of the pontoon boat. Hence, consider all the factors mentioned in this guide to buying a perfect pontoon boat.