How to Choose the Best Baby Stroller for Your Needs

Infancy is a crucial time in a child’s life, making this an important phase for parents as well. When protecting and caring for young children, health, clothing, general safety and food often take precedence.  Most people do not even consider the everyday equipment and related practical issues like deciding how to choose the best baby stroller for your needs. 

Every proud parent runs into this issue the first time they plan to take their newborn out.  Of course, it is not as simple as loading our precious bundle into any stroller.  There are a ton of different types out there as well as many different questions to ask ourselves before deciding on which unit to purchase.

When is the best time to buy a stroller? What type of strollers are out there?  What do I even look for while shopping for my baby’s stroller?  Let’s explore our options, find out more about strollers, and try to make the whole process stress-free and easier.

When Should I Buy a Stroller?

Is there a best time to buy a stroller?  Experts suggest budget-conscious parents-to-be to keep an eye out for sales even while still in pregnancy. Other than price, you should give yourself some a few months to try out a few models. See which ones fit your lifestyle and needs best. Also, research safety ratings and must-have features to ensure you get the right stroller for you.

So don’t wait to purchase a stroller until the last minute and find yourselves hurriedly buying whichever decent one you encounter.   Stroller prices can be exorbitant so taking a few months to go over your options will actually save you tons of money. 

Let’s Educate Ourselves!

Full-sized Strollers

This is considered the Cadillac of strollers. They are often infant-to-toddler models.  They can start out being strollers for newborns, but are versatile and durable enough to be later converted for an infant or toddler. Seats are adjustable from a reclining or flat position for younger babies to an upright position for older infants and toddlers who can sit up.  These sturdy strollers are fully functional with canopies, cupholders, handles, reversible seats, and enough built-in pouches for all the goodies you will need.

The downside is that they can be expensive.  With their much larger size, they are also the heaviest model of strollers and the least maneuverable.  Assembling them can be tricky, too, so keep these in mind if deciding to go the full-sized stroller route.

Umbrella Strollers

These are the go-to strollers for parents looking to quickly get around.  First and foremost, umbrella strollers are portable.  They fold easily (just like their namesake!) and can be stowed away in smaller spaces. You don’t need a hulking SUV to transport this lightweight stroller.  They are considered the best city strollers because of their easy-to-pack and maneuverable design.  As for price point, they are much less expensive than full-sized strollers.

Lightweight strollers do have issues when it comes to quality and wear and tear.  They are rated less safe than a heavier stroller since the materials used are focused on reducing their bulk.  They could be a great option for you if you are looking for a good stroller for a day out with your young children.

Jogging Strollers

The new fad for health conscious and active parents are these jogging strollers.  They are also referred to as running strollers.  The big difference in these strollers is that they only have 3 wheels.  The wheels are much bigger to provide better cushion while jogging.  Some of them are also the best city strollers because of better suspension systems compared to your usual baby carriage.  Prices can run high as a lot of the design and ergonomics are more similar to a bicycle than a conventional stroller.

Car Seat and Stroller Combo

Car seat carriers are a must in the world of hustle and bustle. For parents who plan to drive around with their children often, a car seat-stroller combo makes the most sense. The dual function cuts down on costs and minimizes the amount of equipment you’re transporting around town.

Stroller Buying Checklist

Make up a checklist of things your ideal stroller needs to have and then go try them out! Here are some things to consider to get you started:

  • Safety – Yes, you want to be frugal, but remember, this stroller will hold some precious cargo. Check out the safety rating of your stroller before you purchase it. Go over reviews for the model. On the day of purchase, test the unit’s brakes and locks. Make sure moveable parts aren’t too loose or flimsy.
  • Weight – Can you lift it? If not, don’t bother buying it.
  • Maneuverability – Push it around the aisle at the store where you’re testing it.  The best city strollers have a mix of features as well as maneuverability built into them.
  • Pouches and pockets – Are there enough to stow all the bottles, diapers, clothes, and wipes in?
  • Seat comfort and adjustability – Is the seat rear facing, front facing, or both?  Can you adjust the backrest?  Are the safety belts easy to reach and adjust?  Remember that if researched correctly, the stroller for your newborn can be the same stroller you use when they’re toddlers as well.
  • Canopy – Does it have one?  Can you adjust it?
  • Portability – Does your lightweight stroller fit in your car, trunk, or SUV?

Setting Expectations

They myriad of choices when choosing a stroller mirrors the differences there are in parents’ personalities.  Are you homebodies?  Are you working parents in the urban jungle?  Are you fitness geeks?  Will this stroller be for one newborn, or did you just have triplets?

Are we looking for the best city stroller or is this purchase going to be the one and only infant to toddler stroller that we will keep for years?  Are we looking for a lightweight stroller or going all out for the full-sized stroller?

This guide doesn’t name the best stroller but give you a list of things to note so you can find a stroller that’s best for you.