Google Home Vs. Amazon’s Alexa – Smart Home Buyer’s Guide

As time passes, new and new technologies are arriving in the market. The speakers that were trending a few years or a decade ago are no more in trend. It is because of the continuous changes in technology.

A decade or a few decades ago, we have never thought that there would be something called smart speakers. These smart speakers have completely automated minor tasks at home and introduced smart home systems at houses.

There are numbers of smart speakers on the market and selecting the best one from them is a very crucial thing. In this guide, we will compare and analyze both giants in smart speakers industry, i.e., Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa.

1. Appearance

Analyzing the appearance and look of the smart speaker is necessary because we want to select the best from the best. Select the one which is attractive and more appealing.

Talking about the appearance of the original Google Home, it is shaped like a cylinder and looks a bit like a dehumidifier. It is 5.62 inches tall and 3.79 in diameters.  You can also select from Google Home Max, Google Home Hub or Google Home Mini. Each version of Google Home is different in its own way.

Amazon Echo has a cylindrical shape and it comes with five color variants – heather, charcoal, walnut, oak, and sandstone. Amazon Echo also has different versions; you can select the one as per your needs. This includes Amazon Echo Dot, Amazon Echo Show, Amazon Echo Spot, and many other devices.

2. Music

If you are purchasing it especially for the music, Google Home could be the right choice for you. It can deliver richer, high quality and more well-rounded sound than any other devices of Amazon Echo. However, the sound does not get that much loud; there is the difference of 3 to 4 dB in the maximum volume at a one-foot distance.

Both of these devices support top music stations like Spotify, iHeartRadio, TuneIn, etc. Amazon Echo supports Amazon Music, while Google Home supports Google Play Music and YouTube Red. At last, if you are looking for the best sound quality device, you should buy Google Home Max or JBL Link 500.

3. Budget

Consider your budget before you take the decision of buying any smart speaker. Talking about the price range, Google Home devices are a bit expensive than Amazon’s Alexa. However, you can get any of these two speakers at a bit low price via online sale.

The Google Home will cost you around at $129, while Amazon Echo can be purchased at $100. If you want to purchase Google Home Mini, you can get it for less than $49. While Amazon Echo Dot would range between $20 and $40.

4. Voice Assistant

You must know what experience you will get in voice assistant through any of these smart speakers before making a purchase. The popular “Google Assistant” is the voice assistant in Google Home, the great thing here is that we can change its voice to male. 

Also, we can pick different languages as it is multilingual. In Google Home, we can also use interpreter mode which allows Google Assistant to work as a real-time translator.

The voice assistant in Amazon’s Echo is Alexa. Just like Google Home, in Amazon Echo, we can pick different languages. It also has features like Amazon Guard and Whisper Mode.

5. Skills

You have to know the skills of your selected smart speaker device to know its features and obstacles in a better way. Talking about Google Home, it adds up new features and skills frequently. In Home, you don’t have to add skills to Google Assistant while in Alexa you can create and publish skills.

Recently, Google Home has added the feature of multiple actions which allows us to ask more than one question at a time while, this is not possible in Amazon’s Alexa. You have to ask only one question at once, wait for the answer and then ask another question to Alexa.

Hence, you should understand all the above factors properly before buying it. Depending on your purpose of purchasing, the selection from these two could vary.

For example, if you want high-quality and well-rounded sound in the speaker, Google Home is the right choice and if you want a louder sound, Amazon’s Alexa is the right choice.

Best Speakers with Alexa and Google Assistant

With Google Home and Amazon Echo, there are also many smart speakers with Alexa and Google Assistant. Here is the list of best speakers with Alexa and Google Assistant:

1. Sonos One

Sonos One comes with Amazon Alexa enabled but it also supports Apple Airplay 2, soon it will add Google Assistant. This speaker is the right choice for you if you want to build a home theatre setup. 

2. JBL Link 20

JBL Link 20 is one of the best portable smart speakers. Link 20 can connect to Google Home and it is waterproof. It includes an indicator which shows battery level and how strong is the WiFi signal. It supports Spotify, Pandora and YouTube Music.

3. Sonos Beam

Sonos Beam is in the list of top smart sound bars. It comes with Alexa enabled and it also supports Apple Airplay 2. Through Sonos Beam, you can wirelessly connect other Sonos speakers to create a loud sound system.

4. Google Home Mini

Google Home Mini is the best mini smart speaker. If you are looking for a very less expensive smart speaker to control your smart-home devices, Google Home Mini is the right choice. In Google Home Mini, Google Assistant can answer all your questions in a wide range of languages.

Which one is the Best?

Both of these popular voice assistants have their own pros and cons. Deciding between these two is a bit difficult as you have to select the best from best. In this guide, we analyzed both smart speakers and explained the features of both. So, you can make an ideal choice between Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa.