Everything You Need to Know Before You Buy A New Microwave

Are you planning to buy a new microwave oven to meet your kitchen needs? If yes, you must be finding a way to get as much information as possible about microwaves. Before you buy a microwave, you need to know the features you want in it.

You have to compare different microwaves and analyze its features and know are these same features available in a cheap microwave?

Whether you are going to buy Countertop Microwave, Over-the-range Microwave or Built-in Microwave oven, there are many factors you need to consider. And, depending upon those factors, you need to make your microwave buying decision.

Things to Consider in a Microwave

To help you out in selecting the perfect microwave, here we have mentioned different factors you should be considering in a microwave:

1. Location

The first and crucial thing you need to decide before you buy a new microwave is location or place. Know which place in your kitchen will be perfect for you. The location affects many other factors like features, price, size, and installation of the microwave.

2. Size

Size of the microwave is another important factor which you can decide after measuring the counter or the space you have available. And, make sure you buy the microwave which can meet your food requirements. Depending upon the space you have available, you can select the model of the same height, width, and depth.

3. Budget

Depending upon your budget amount, you can select the best microwave for your kitchen. You will have to select from three: Countertop, Over-the-range, and Built-in Microwave. Countertop microwaves are of low prices as compared to other microwave types. Their price range starts from as low as $40.

Over-the-range microwaves’ prices start from $200 while Built-in microwaves prices start from $500. You can select from these three as per your budget.

4. Type

Another thing you need to consider is the type of microwaves. As we have seen, there are three types of microwaves. You can select the type of microwave depending upon your requirements and budget amount.

Among these three, the most common and most widely sold microwaves are countertop microwaves. They are generally of less price and easy to install. Over-the-range type of microwaves is installed over the range. Built-in microwaves are the most expensive. It includes full-sized ovens and ovens built into the wall.

5. Wattage

Wattage in a microwave means power. If you want the microwave which can cook your food faster and more evenly, select the microwave with the highest wattage. However, if you go with higher wattage microwave, it will be more expensive.

Generally, most microwaves are of 600 to 1200 wattages. Higher wattage microwaves are larger and expensive. Hence, select the microwave which is of the highest wattage in your budget.

6. Common Features in Microwave

Check out and compare all the features available in your selected microwave with other microwaves. Apart from common functions such as defrost, cook time, timer and power level in a microwave, check out which functions are unique. You can find a broiler feature in the new microwaves available nowadays.

7. Inverter Heating Technology

In some high-end and expensive microwave models, you might find inverter heating technology. Through inverter heating in a microwave, you can heat something a lower heat and get the same outcome.

8. Advanced Features

With the latest heating technology, there are many advanced features we can find in a high-end microwave. Higher-end models provide you feature like moisture sensor (to detect the doneness of the food), LED lighting on the interior, can be connected with internet, Bluetooth technology, etc. Hence, if you are buying any high-end model, check out what advanced features it can provide you.

Models of Microwave

After considering the above-given factors, now you need to understand different types of microwave and select the right one for you. Three main types of microwave are explained below:

1. Countertop Microwave

Countertop microwave is the type which is most common and most sold. The price of this type of microwave is generally very less. It could range from $40 to $700. Also, the process of installation in this type is very easy as compared to other models. To start using it, all you need to do is just to plug it into an outlet, that’s it.

However, if you have limited space in your kitchen, countertop microwave could not be right for you, because it requires big space. Or, you can also find out other smaller countertop models available. The internal capacity varies from less than 1 cubic foot to more than 2 cubic foot. And, wattage varies from 600 to 1200.

2. Over-the-range Microwave

Over-the-range microwaves are installed above your range and they can help you in saving your counter space. Over-the-top microwaves are generally costlier than countertop microwaves. Its price may range from $200 to $1300.

As compared to countertop microwaves, this type of microwaves are not easy to install, its installation might require an electrician. The internal capacity could vary from less than 1 cubic foot to more than 2 cubic foot. And, wattage varies from 600 to 1200.

3. Built-in Microwave

Built-in microwaves are one of the most high-end types of microwaves in the list. We can place this kind of models among custom cabinets or we can make it full-sized wall ovens. There are some countertop microwaves which can be built in with a kit.

The prices of built-in microwave could range from $500 to $5000 (and above).  Its internal capacity could vary from less than 1 cubic foot to more than 2 cubic foot. And, wattage varies from 600 to 1200.

Which Model is Ideal for You?

Based on your kitchen, you can select any microwave model: Countertop, Over-the-range or Built-in. Selection of the right model that meets food and kitchen requirements, budget, size, different features, etc.  is very necessary. 

You can make an ideal choice by checking out different microwaves, their prices, and features. Hence, here we have seen things to consider in a microwave and different types of microwave models.