Cool Laptop Stickers You Have to Check Out

Want to make your laptop look different from everyone else’s? Want it to reflect who you are, and what you like? The cheapest and easiest way to do that is through use stickers!

1) A Classic Sticker 100 Pack

If you are looking for the classics for your computer, skateboard, or car, give this variety pack a try. There are edgy versions of cartoon characters, logos, and pop culture references, yet there are very few options parents would object to. These PVC stickers resist sun and water damage, so they are durable. Best of all, there are multiple collection options to choose from, and they are not random. These collections are a steal at about $9.

2) Be Surprised – Random Stickers

Feeling adventurous? Give these stickers a try. You can order packs from 50 pieces up to 500 pieces, and the contents are random, like the ones listed above. The stickers you see in the picture provided may or may not appear in your package, but from multiple reviews, you won’t be disappointed. The stickers themselves are matte, rather than shiny, so they provide a good contrast to your other stickers. The best part? They only run about $6 in price.

3) Cool Retro 55 Graffiti Stickers

What if your rebellious teen days are behind you, but not so far you can’t remember? Have you always wanted to travel, but time and budget have held you back? This set of vintage travel-inspired decals are perfect! You may not have a stamp on your passport, but at about $10, you can get the stickers! Be aware there are other, edgier options available as well for the rebel inside?

4) 50 Unicorns Laptop Stickers

So far, the list has not addressed the child in all of us. This set of cool laptop stickers does just that! Unicorns, as far as the eye can see are smiling, prancing… and doing unusual things for a horned horse. Whether you love the legendary creatures, or just want to stick them to your computer ironically, these little guys have you covered. Just remember, not all of them are full of sugar and spice! This package only costs around $6, and it’s great for a laugh.

5) Superheroes Stickers

All joking aside, sometimes kids want to use computer stickers too. Don’t worry, there are options for them as well. This fun pack has nothing but the superheroes they love in straight-forward images and playful versions. They can decorate to their heart’s content, and you will be happy to know the pack of vinyl stickers only costs around $8

6) Apple Retro Rainbow Multicolor Logo Sticker

So far, there hasn’t been anything specifically for Apple lovers. Worry no more because the next two items in the list are specifically MacBook stickers. This first one is for purists. Just stick the matte-finish vinyl sticker over your backlit logo, and you will have the classic rainbow-colored apple logo. At only about $7, it’s pretty cool, right?

7) Left and Right Brain Sticker

There are many options to dress up your MacBook, but this seems to be a favorite. Show how “brainy” you are with this colorful, retro illustration of the brain. The left side of the brain is in black and white, and the background is covered in mathematical equations. It’s supposed to be the more analytical side. The right side is quite different of course; there are bright colors and paint splotches to show our more creative side. This fun MacBook sticker is quite inexpensive too at about $8. Not only that, but the thin vinyl won’t leave sticky residue.

8) Funny Celeb & Meme Stickers

Some of these are actually hilarious! And will make most of your friends and even people you don’t know laugh! This is a perfect gift for someone that has a good sense of humor and at least 1 laptop 🙂