Baby Bath Toys – Here are The Winners!

We all know bath time can be a struggle, so why not give these cute, colorful tub toys for under $25 a try? There are items to choose from for both babies and toddlers:

1) Skip Hop Moby Bath Waterfall Rinser Bath Cup

Nothing feels worse than rinsing your little one in the tub, only to watch them cry. Even with gentle cleansing products, tears are always possible. Why not make rinsing fun with cool bath toys? This bathing buddy is in the shape of a happy blue whale holds plenty of water and “interior fins” for a quick pour. What makes it different from other products? It offers a comfy rubber lip at the whale’s mouth. Hold it to the child’s head, creating a visor that protects both eyes and ears. The best part? It’s about $8 for a tear-free bath.

2) The First Years Stack Up Cups

Stack up cups are classic bath toys for toddlers and babies, so why not invest in these? They come in eight bright colors and have bold numbers embossed on the bottom of each cup. Your child will have lots of fun while bathing and learning motor as well as mental skills at the same time. Who could ask for more? To top it off, the cups are sturdy, easy to clean, and cost around $9.

3) Squirting Barnyard Friends

When it comes to baby bath toys it’s important to find bright colors, safe materials, and something to hold your child’s attention, right? These adorable, squishy animals are just what you’ve been looking for. There are eight different animals that float and squirt water when squeezed. These little guys are only about $10, and there are smaller sets for even less. In case you were wondering, of course there is a rubber duck!

4) Fun Bath Fishing Game

What if you have a little fisherman in the tub? You need cool bath toys like this one! The three fishes float in the tub, so your little one can scoop them up with this cool rod. While you little ones are having fun, they won’t even realize how much they are concentrating and learning hand-eye coordination. This fun tub toy is priced at about $8 and will give your kids hours of fun.

5) Magnet Boat Set for Toddlers & Kids

What if your child is no longer a baby, and you want bath toys for toddlers? While the first toys in this list work great for younger children, the rest of the list is great for toddlers. This adorable magnetic boat set is specifically for children three and up. Your little preschooler will love the bright primary colors and happy faces on each of the four little boats. Since they contain magnets inside, children can link them or play with them separately. Of course, children can learn colors and numbers with the boats, but playing with the tub toys also builds motor skills. The price is modest at about $15.

6) Green Toys Ferry Boat with Mini Cars

Looking for more great bath toys for toddlers? This little ferry boat is safe, durable, and made from recycled plastics, so environmentally-conscious parents will love it. Is it fun? You bet! It comes with two mini cars, one red and the other yellow. The ferry itself has a slide-out ramp leading out of the cargo bay. What makes this tub toy so special is that children can have fun with it in the pool or on the beach too. Indoors or outdoors, this rugged little toy is made for play, and it costs less than you would think at about $22.

7) Color My Bath Color-Changing Bath Tablets

This last tub toy is also meant for children ages three and up, but it is so much fun, you may want to try it yourself! The container holds 300 color tablets in two sizes. The tablets are safe, don’t stain, and are earth friendly. They come in primary colors, and when you drop in just one, the color is simple. Drop in another color, and that’s when the magic happens. Try out different combinations to learn how many colors you can make! The good news is, the color washes down the drain, and it won’t stain your tub, towels, or toddler. It’s about $13 and it’s worth the money.